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Our Hype Me Up- Hyperpigmentation Toner is gentle and can be used on the face yet strong enough to use on bikini lines and underarm areas. A light oil infused with essential oils that are proven to even skin tone. 


Containing papaya seed oil enriched with vitamin C and carotene, these compounds help to fight free radicals that cause skin aging and darkening by inhibiting the production of bacteria that causes dark spots. A natural exfoliating enzyme, papaya helps to rejuvenate your complexion by sloughing off dead skin cells, dirt and excessive oil, able to break down dead skin cells and sebum in your pores, revealing the fresh, smooth skin underneath. A gentle but powerful exfoliant, papaya seed oil leaves your skin feeling soft, supple and luxurious to the touch. 


If you suffer from hyperpigmentation, or have dark spots and uneven skin, regular use of papaya seed infused with our special blend of essential oils, helps to provide an all-over glow to your complexion, evening out skin tone. By regenerating the skin cells from UV damage and promoting the healing of other scars and damage done to the face, papaya seed oil is able to help in delaying and combating fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging.


Evenly tone your complexion with our Hype Me Up - Hyperpigmentation Toner.



Hype Me Up - Hyperpigmentation Toner

SKU: hyp001
  • Aloe Vera, Vitamin e, Papaya seed, Evening primrose, Rose hip. Essential oils: Lemon, Geranium, Sandalwood, Carrot 

  • Shake well before use. Gently massage Hype Me Up - Hyperpigmentation Toner on clean dry face and neck areas 2x daily. 3-4 squirts is the recommended dosage. 

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